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Äripank (Tallin Business Bank)

Address: 7 Vana-Viru
Tallinn , Estonia

Äripank (Tallinn Business Bank Ltd) was registered in 1991. It is the oldest commercial bank operating in Estonia. The bank offers checking and savings accounts, loans, leasing services, debit and credit cards, letters of credit, deposit savings accounts, and mobile and Internet banking. Äripank has two locations in Tallinn and one in the city of Narva.

Danske Bank

Danske Bank

Address: Narva maantee 11
Tallinn , Estonia

Danske Bank A/S provides commercial and private banking services. Its services include loans, current and saving accounts, and fixed and term deposits. The bank was formerly known as AS Sampo Pank (established in 1887). Danske Bank A/S Estonia is based in Tallinn, with 12 branches nationwide.

Eesti Pank

Eesti Pank (Bank of Estonia)

Address: 13 Estonia puiestee
Tallinn , Estonia

Eesti Pank (Bank of Estonia) is the central bank of Estonia, as well as a member of the euro system organization of euro area central banks. The bank was established in 1919 by the provisional government of Estonia following the country's independence. Two years later, Eesti Pank became a national bank and responsible for issuing the Estonian mark. The bank also manages currency circulation, supports and organizes transfers between commercial banks, participates in safeguarding financial stability, manages the foreign reserves of Estonia, prepares financial sector statistics and balance of payments statistics, and advises the government in economic policy issues of Estonia and of the euro area.

LHV Pank

LHV Pank

Address: 2 Tartu Maantee
Tallinn , Estonia

LHV Pank provides banking, financial advisory, and securities brokerage services to clients in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. This bank was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia. It operates as a subsidiary of AS LHV Group. This bank also offers finance leasing and other lending, as well as portfolio management services. This bank serves nearly 35,000 customers.

SEB Pank

SEB Pank

Address: 2 Tornimäe
Tallinn , Estonia

Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken, or SEB Pank (formerly Eesti Ühispank), is an Estonian bank, owned by the Swedish bank SEB. SEB is the second largest bank in Estonia and is the member of the international SEB Group. Services include current and savings accounts, debit and credit cards, currency conversion, investment services, loans, corporate leasing and financing, and insurance.



Address: 8 Liivalaia
Tallinn , Estonia

Swedbank is a modern bank firmly rooted in Swedish savings bank history. This bank was founded in Gothenburg in 1820 in the name of Sparbanken Sverige ("Savings Bank Sw6eden"). In 1997, it merged with Föreningsbanken under the combined name FöreningsSparbanken. In 2006, Föreningssparbanken AB changed its name to Swedbank AB. Being Sweden’s largest bank in terms of number of customers; this bank has nearly 317 branches in Sweden and more than 200 in the Baltic countries. It also maintains a presence in Copenhagen, Helsinki, Luxembourg, Marbella, New York, Oslo, and Shanghai.


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